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We are really sorry if we have not fulfilled your needs. As a client of microStart you have the right to send in a formal complaint.You may send in a complaint anonymously or alternatively provide your contact details so we can provide feedback directly to you, based on your complaint. If you provided your contact information, you may expect to hear from us within one week after submitting your complaint. You can send an email at: or you can fill in the form below. We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party. This website is secure and you may consult and change the information that is stored by microStart at any time.
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Currently, microStart only provides microcredit for professional purposes. (Creation or further development of a business). For every other credit demand, you can go to a financial institution or an alternative credit organization.

Inform yourself very well on their conditions, lending money implies risks.

In order to provide you a better service, we offer you an online platform where you can further develop you project. You can find it at: (Dutch) or (French)

In every region, we work with partners that can help you with the further development of your project. (See links below).

Once you have further developed your idea and you are ready to launch your business. We will be happy to process your credit application and give you further support.




MicroStart only offers a maximum loan amount of 15.000 €. Please make sure you have complementary resources before continuing your microcredit application.

Unfortunately for the moment we are not able to finance activities that don't create any type of revenue in Belgium.
You can find a financial partner in Europe on the European Microfinance Network. (

Good luck with your project !

Outside of Belgium


Also client @ Microstart !

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Snack (Brussels)
Carlos Pozo
Bike Shop (Antwerp)